Japan Update: April, the New Beginning

April 6, 2011

April is the begenning of the new year for students and business men and women.

New School year is just starting this week.
New business men and women, fresh out of colleges and high schools, are starting their career in April as well.

However many children could not go back to schools they loved.
Many youg people could not start their career life as they wished.
Many schools and companies were ruined by the earthquake and tsunami.
Many schools are still used as evacuation centers.
Sadly, some school gyms were used as temporary morgues for those deceased by the disaster.
Many school children lost their friends and teachers…..

But life goes on.
Those children who had to evacuate from their homes and hometowns due to earthquake, tsunami and radiation concerns, started school in their new environment. Many of them are going to schools from evacuation centers where they still sleep on the hard floors in school gyms and community centers. Others are going to schools in their new towns where families chose to move as temporary evacuation destination.

My sources say (NHK News),
163000 people are still at evacuation centers (not a comfortable plece to be for this long…)
29 schools in the hard hit area have no plan to reopen.
Building temporary houses in their hometowns will take a while (6 months+) so they have to move out of their community.
They are leaving for other towns and cities who will offer them a place to stay until those temporary houses are built.

This April, normally the most happy time of the year with new hopes, so many people are worried about their future.
I hope our efforts for Japan Relief will reach them and help them move on with their lives a little easier.
It is a beautiful time in Japan with cherry trees in full bloom.
Hope they can relax a bit and enojoy this beautiful season.
And kids! Hope you are making new friends at your new schools!!

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