Japan Updates and final push to promote “Songs of Hope” !

April 29, 2011

Dear Friends,

This is my final push to promote “Songs of Hope”, a Japan Relief Concert happening this Sunday, May 1st.
I would love to have your cooperation to make this event successful and help support the “3.11 Victims” in Japan.

I just came back from Japan this past weekend.
I had to see with my own eyes how my beloved country and my friends were doing after such a devastating tragedy.
I was only in Tokyo but there were earthquakes almost every day I was there.
Everywhere you go, the lights were dimmed and many elevators and escalators were not running to save electricity.
My friends told me of their stories how scary the 3.11 earthquake was, how worried they were when the cell phones did not work and they could not locate their loved ones.
Many walked all night long to get home from work since the trains weren’t running after the quake.
Food and water was scarce for a week or so afterwards.
However, that was in the past and they were doing fine when I saw them.

Sadly, there are still too many people who are living under terrible conditions in the hard hit area of Touhoku, north of Tokyo.
Now the world media focuses on the Fukushima nuclear crisis and no more on the earthquake and tsunami victims.
Those victims are still living under terrible conditions in cramped school gyms with little privacy.
Many of them refuse to move out of the town even though the living conditions are terrible because their family members are still missing.

More than 76,000 houses were washed away and 270,000 houses were damaged.
There are 12,000 people still not accounted for.

I’d like to share with you
a story of two brothers who survived the tsunami
(Well, this article is in Japanese, but you won’t miss these 2 cute boys on the right.)

Ritsu(4) and Ei(2) are brothers who were at the daycare center taking a nap when the tsunami hit.
They managed to escape, but their mother who was a librarian at local library did not.
She is one of those 12,000 still missing.
These little boys have no house or no mother now.
They miss their mom and this is what they say all the time.

“I want to ride the big wave and go see my mommy.”.

They cannot have their mommy back, but I would love for them to have a house again.
The donations pouring in from all over the world seem like a huge amount, but when there are so many people who lost so much,
it is just not enough to go around.
There are too many of these heartbreaking stories but I don’t want to just sit and cry.
I will shamelessly and passionately ask for your support.

Please come to the concert this Sunday if you can.
Media people, please announce this concert information on the air!!

We have great musicians — from Seattle Symphony members to up and coming young local musicians – to perform Koto Ensemble,
Japanese Folk and Art Songs, Classical Music Selection and much more.
I am one of the MCs and would love to have a full house! (We can seat more than 1000!).

“Songs of Hope”
May 1. Sunday @ Daniels Hall (5th and Marion) in downtown Seattle
2pm Doors open.
Silent Art Auction and Bake Sale start.
3pm Concert starts.

All the information is here! : www.gofeisty.com/hope
Admission is free.
Donations to the following 3 organizations are gratefully accepted.

American Red Cross
Japan Relief Fund (by Nikkei Concerns )
Peace Winds America

If you cannot come to the concert, but would love to support our Japan relief efforts,
please make checks payable to the organization of your choice
(“American Red Cross” “Japan Relief Fund” or “Peace Winds America”)
and please send them to

Akiko Kinney
P.O.Box 1394
Bellevue, WA 98009
(checks only please)

Receipts will be mailed to the address on the check from each organization.
($100 minimum donation for issuing receipts from Peace Winds America. No minimum for American Red Cross and Japan Relief Fund.)

Thank you very much and hope to see you at the concert!

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