3.11.Japan Disaster


Our beloved country of Japan suffered devastating natural disaster on March 11 2011 — A 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by tsunami, which wiped away beautiful coastal towns in northeastern Japan and their people. More than 10,000 people perished in that disaster. Tens of thousands of people lost their homes along with everything they owned. To make things even worse, they now face a nuclear contamination crisis.

Japan is going through a devastating time. They are suffering to a degree that is hard to imagine. Those who were not harmed by the initial earthquake or tsunami, are now confined to their homes and fear radiation contamination while making due with limited access to electricity and gasoline.

People in Japan need our help now.

The world has been responding quickly to help Japanese victims. In fact I was very moved to learn about the US rescue teams’ code name –“Operation Tomodachi “.(“Tomodachi (ともだち)” which means “friends” in Japanese.) How encouraging to know, in this time of devastation, that we have friends whom we can rely on. We are very honored and thankful to the international rescue effort of our “Tomodachi”.

Out of this terrible disaster I would like to continue to work to build a stronger friendship between people from all over the world. In order to accomplish that I am creating “Operation Tomodachi OXOX“ to be the bridge to all of our friends.
I will upload information that I obtain from news medias, social networking sources, family and friends in both Japanese and English.

I would like our friends all over the world to know how the Japanese people are moving forward to rebuild their lives. I would like Japanese people to learn about the overseas efforts to help rebuild Japan.

Complete recovery will take many years. Over that time I would like to foster deep and lasting friendship amongst us while I stay active in the recovery effort going forward.

Please let me know of your Japan relief efforts, big or small, in your community and I will relay your efforts in Japanese back to people in Japan. I am certain that this sort of news will give them courage to face this tough challenge
Please let me know if there are things you would like to know about Japan’s recovery efforts going forward and I will work on finding that information for you.

Email: tomodachi@gofeisty.com

Thank you very much

Spring 2011

Go Feisty!


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  1. Junko Greineder on March 31, 2011 at

    Megumi san

    Thank you for the wonderful support site. I have been searching for this type of info & support links for Japan. I signed up for the petition to Smilac company. I will also forward this site to my friends in Japan, the US and Europe.

    Junko Greineder

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